Direct messages from my soul to yours

Two souls connect when…

They see themselves in one another.
They become vulnerable to speak their truth.
They hold space to really listen to each other.
They open their hearts to understand each other.
Their polarities pull each other like a magnet.
Their heartbeats synchronize into one beat.
Their differences dissolve into oneness.
Their love becomes unconditional.

I wrote scribbles in my journal to connect with my own lost soul. When I shared them with other souls, their comments led me to put them together in a book.

My soul wants to connect with your soul. So I introduce to…

Finding Your Lost Soul

Photo by Rawan Yasser on Unsplash

Do you have a part of you inside that feels trapped, empty, or lost?

If you dig deep enough, you’ll hear a voice screaming for your attention. It’s the voice of your soul. But if you distract yourself with work, entertainment, people, drama, social media, addictions, etc., you’ll never hear that voice and you’ll keep feeling trapped, empty, or lost.

Your soul wants to be free of bondage so it can follow its path. The bondage can come from mainstream media, societal pressure, subconscious programming, toxic relationships, self-limiting beliefs, etc.

Soul searching isn’t always about taking leaps of faith or…

What if we listen, ask, and express instead of defending, attacking, and manipulating in our conversations?

There is more to a conversation than being right or wrong. We all can…

The heart is a fool to the mind. The mind is a fool to the heart. They never seem to stop fighting with each other.

But when both the mind…

It’s natural to have fears. But don’t be afraid of them. You are safe in the hands of fear. The real terror is in running away from your fears.


Love is energy. It flows from person to another. All problems arise when the flow of energy is blocked.

The blockage may be small, but it has tremendous implications because…

You can be safe or you can live.

You can resist or you can accept.

You can suffer or you can surrender.

You can be attached or you can be…

There’s still time for you to explore your potential.

There’s still time for you to be yourself.

There’s still time for you to create.

There’s still time for you to…

People are trying to put you into a box. To be accepted, you stay locked in your box. If you dare to come out, people will hate you and try…

Your inner world creates your outer world. Your inner experiences shape your outer experiences. Your inner perception defines your outer reality.

How deep you go when your close your eyes…

Prakhar Verma

Writer, coach, entrepreneur, lifelong learner, polymath, truth-seeker, and lover of life. Creator of Author of

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